Conversation With A Climate Cultist

Whatever its merits and mistakes, climate change science has certainly created a cult of bandwagon fangirls, eager to advertise their righteousness and stigmatize any heretic. There is now an alchemy of magical thinking online, existing to distinguish the superiority of those who prize moral rectitude over the actual scientific method. I saw a tweet from one such zealous disciple this week whose smugness prompted me to respond. I think the exchange speaks for itself.


She didn’t answer after that, and I didn’t think pressing the point would have been productive.

Facebook and the Generation Gap

OR “An illustration of how teens are fickle”

OR “The more things change, the more they stay the same”

OR “War and Peace”


A chart timelining the history of social media use by adults vs. teens:

      YEARS     ADULTS  



  2005-2008    Facebook  


Made fun of adults for using Facebook.





     2012    Facebook  

Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter

Make fun of adults for using Facebook.



Actually, I guess Pinterest needs to go on there now, too…