The Dark Knight Reconsidered

Three years ago, I wrote a critical review of The Dark Knight which earned me a thorough beat down from a whole host of readers.  My review was based on my visceral reaction to the psychological torture and moral shades of gray that I saw in the film at the time. 

However, I finally watched it again last week.  A few things made me want to give it another chance:

  • The teaser trailer for The Dark Knight Rises hints that this third film will be a redemptive story with a more clear-cut victory, perhaps making this a trilogy in the Star Wars-Empire-Jedi format.  I can appreciate that. 
  • Last year I read Frank Miller’s graphic novel, The Dark Knight Returns, which obviously influenced Christopher Nolan’s movie.  It was excellent. 
  • Anne Hathaway will be in The Dark Knight Rises, so I pretty much have to see it. 

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Review of The Dark Knight

So, I’ve been most graciously invited to be a guest at By Common Consent for a couple of weeks.  I’ve been wondering what to write my first post about for a couple days, but after seeing The Dark Knight yesterday, I came home knowing precisely what needed to be said.

Is the major blockbuster for 2008 a fun-filled romp for the whole family?  Not exactly…

Here’s my review.


UPDATE:  90 responses later, I’m curled up in a corner, licking my wounds.  The comedian (joker?) Eric Snider did a bit on his site about faking a bad review of the movie on Rotten Tomatoes, which earned him a world of invective.  Well, I’m just flabbergasted.  Snider ended his experiment with this lesson:

I guess you can add that to your list of things that shouldn’t be treated lightly:

– God
– National tragedies
– The Holocaust
– Reviews of Batman movies

No.  Flippin’.  Joke. 

Good thing nobody actually wrote a bad review.  Boy, a guy like that would have to be crazy, which is odd since, if he were crazy, you’d think he’d be more likely to enjoy the film…

Anyway, back to nursing these bruised ribs and working up the strength to crawl to the emergency room.  Anybody got an ice pack?