Bachelorette Drinking Game

A whole lotta college kids could be in a world of hurt if this one caught on: what if people had to do a shot every time Ashley Hebert says “This is so hard” or “I don’t know if I can do this?”  Last one not sick of hearing her whine about it, even though she was on the show before and should know exactly what it’s like, wins.

Bachelorette ESP

The Mrs. and I have watched the last few episodes of The Bachelorette, and when comic book villain Bentley took off, I told her right away that he’d be back.  How did I know?  Because the show is obviously scripted up the wazoo, and it makes no sense to write out the main bad guy so early in the season.  It had to be a tease to build suspense, and he would certainly return. 

Lo and behold, he is returning. 

Chalk up another victory for the psychic powers of a heavy reader–the few simple plot devices out there get pretty easy to spot after a while. 

And how do I know it’s scripted?  Puh-leeze.  In a recent episode, the bachelorette confronts the villain about a rumor she’d heard that he was going to leave because he was scum.  He denied it and she believed him.  Later, in the same episode, he left and gave her a lame excuse, and she believed that, too.  It didn’t even occur to her to make a connection there?  C’mon, nobody could possibly be that stupid. 

Except TV screenwriters.