Local Teacher Only Gets To Have One Ivory Back Scratcher

A sob story in today’s Las Vegas Sun wants us to empathize with the pitiful plight of a local teacher who (gasp!) works a second job. 

Of course, his second job is as an actor at the mob museum, which he says is “fun” and which he’d like to turn into a career.  He went out and got this job just because he “didn’t want to work at Wal-Mart.”  Life is nice when you have choices. 

Not exactly a coal miner, this guy. 

He’s quoted as follows: “Without this job, I’d be starving.”  Really?  According to our school district web site, with a Master’s degree and five years’ experience, he’s making over $46,000, a little above average.  The article doesn’t say if he has dependents, just that he has student loans and “$10,000 in credit card debt.” 

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