So Stanley Rimer Thinks He’s a Prophet

A story in yesterday’s Las Vegas Review-Journal covered the sentencing of Stanley and Colleen Rimer, the people who left their disabled 4-year-old son locked in a vehicle overnight in June, 2008.  Little Jason Rimer died from the heat.  The parents were convicted of involuntary manslaughter for Jason, as well as for neglect and abuse of their other children.

With that in mind, note something that the end of the article mentions in passing:

Meanwhile, Stanley Rimer has said he’s written a book of scripture which he is submitting to the hierarchy of the Mormon faith.

Boy, I really, really wish the story said more about that.  As it is, I’m left to fill in the blanks with the obvious: a man convicted of hurting his children and letting one die horribly is sitting in his jail cell, and feels touched by a spirit of revelation enough that he composes a religious text, which he now wants the leaders of the LDS Church to accept as legitimately sacred, so, I suppose, it can be disseminated around the world and throughout history, to be studied for the edification of all. 

Sure, why not?  And that, ladies and gentlemen, probably tells us everything we need to know about Stanley Rimer.