“Flower of Scotland”

I’ve reached the age where, whenever I discover something new in this world that I love, I wonder how I made it this far without ever coming across it. Such is the case wth this weekend’s discovery of the song, “Flower of Scotland.” How did I, an inveterate Celtiphile and music lover, never hear this beautiful little song in four decades?

It’s wonderful–a Scottish “Edelweiss,” if you will. Here’s the most beautiful version I’ve found so far:

“The Sang o the Saracen Maid”

Thanks again to the good people at the Thistle & Shamrock, I have another great contemporary Scottish folk song to love.  Last Sunday I heard “The Sang o the Saracen Maid” and fell for it hard; it’s about all I’ve listened to for a week.

Here it is:

I was prompted to do some research about the background of this heartrending tale.

This YouTube video directly precedes the one above; the author of the original poem introduces it.

Here’s a written story of the poem’s origin.

Here are the words to the poem.

And the lyrics to the song.

This is the old legend being retold here.  Isn’t it sad?  I’d never heard this before.  Local folklore is the best!

Here’s another telling of the same story.

A Las Vegas Scottish Ceilidh!

On Saturday I went to Las Vegas’ annual Scottish Ceilidh with two of my children.  As always, it was excellent and we all loved it.

Performances included music and dance.  Music was mostly by a local staple, Desert Sky Pipes and Drums.  Here’s a clip of them doing their thing:


Most of the concert was bits of highland dance.  Though none of this weekend’s performers seem to have YouTube videos, these videos of a classic sword dance are very similar to what I saw:


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