Recommended Eating: H & H Salsa

Last year at the annual Harvest Festival, I tried some of this salsa and loved it.  I told my wife I wanted to buy a can.  She told me that I had said the same thing the year before, bought one, and forgotten about it.  It was still on a shelf in the pantry.

Sure enough, she was right.   I finally opened the can.  I made some salsa to give away to others.  I made some salsa for myself.

Even better was using the dry mix as a topping on other foods.  I can testify that this salsa mix is excellent on pizza, baked potatoes, chili, and on some sandwiches.  It’s not so good on dry vegetables or tuna.  That seems obvious now, but you never know.

You definitely get your money’s worth and the salsa is fresh and full of deep flavor.  Highly recommended!