Pirates of the Indian Ocean

Yesterday I heard someone ask if the pirates who had been holding an American captain hostage “dressed like pirates.”

When Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean became such a huge, surprise hit, I was a little worried that we were making cultural icons out of people who were essentially rapists, murderers, and torturers.  Disney even tried to overcompensate for its glorification of the pirates-as-fun-loving-hedonists angle with its excremental sequels (at least the first part of the trilogy was a decent popcorn swashbuckler) by pouring on a pirates-are-honor-bound-oath-abiding-misfits scheme.  (And, of course, British military officers were the bad guys.) 

Recent events are making us aware that not only are there still pirates, but that they’re–gasp!–unsavory characters after all, less about partying and cracking jokes and a little more about trapping and threatening innocent people so they can sponge off their money. 

So if this whole piracy thing doesn’t pan out, they can always get jobs in the Obama administration. 

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