Harry Is Running Scared

Remember the last time Harry Reid was up for reelection?  He barely campaigned at all, running a few token ads near the election, featuring people from his hometown telling folksy stories about him, and calling him “Pinky.”  He could afford to run those nonsense ads because it was a slam dunk campaign–there was no chance he would lose. 

Fast forward a few years and now he’s one of the most radical, despised politicians in America.  Today, well over a year before the next election, he’s already running a series of serious ads pumping himself up as the savior of Nevada’s economy, pulling out his powerful friends this time (not the hometown buddies) to testify to his miraculous powers. 

It’s a desperate tactic, and it makes it plain to all of us that Reid knows he’s in for an uphill battle this time.  The majority leader’s on the ropes…right where we want him. 

My prediction–he’ll get even more aggressive as the campaign goes on.  Sue Lowden and Danny Tarkanian, look out.  There’s an angry pit bull after you!