Should I Get a Motorcycle?


  • Church.  I use my car to give people rides to church and to other activities or meetings; not often, but sometimes.  I also take a young man in my ward around to collect fast offerings each month, and give rides to groups when we’re going to the temple or having an activity not at church for Mutual.  Not having those extra seats might make all that a lot harder.
  • Also church.  Will it compromise my ecclesiastical authority to show up at someone’s house for a ministry visit or to extend a calling if I’m on a Harley?
  • Family.  I don’t have the kids with me in the car too often, but it does happen.  If our family grows any more, or if we have friends along, we’ll need two vehicles to carry us all.  I don’t have occasion to use these extra seats very often, but it’s like living in Las Vegas in general: I rarely utilize 24 hour taco shop drive thrus, but it’s nice to know that the option is always there.  Also, would my wife want me to take her out on dates if she was riding on the back of a motorcycle, or would this mean that we’d always have to take her van? 
  • Transporting items.  I carry stuff around a lot more often than I carry people.  Going between work, church, and a ton of other places (especially the library!), my stash of cargo can get quite bulky.  On a motorcycle, I’d be forced to drastically reduce my load. 
  • Audio.  I like to listen to soft music or foreign language CDs in the car.  On a bike, that option is gone.
  • License Plate.  I suppose I’d have to give up my beloved “BKFMRMN” license plate.  I’m not sure it’s done any good, anyway.  *sigh*


  • Passengers pliable.  I can work around transportation issues.  People can help with rides, sometimes a single person could ride on the back, or we could use two vehicles.  It might be slightly inconvenient at times, but it would work out. 
  • Audio overrated.  Honestly, I spend most of my driving time listening to talk radio, anyway.  I can do without it.
  • Money.  This would save a TON on insurance and gas.  If I’m smart, I could probably make a profit on trading my car in for a bike (it doesn’t have to be a Harley). 
  • I’m a guy.  It’s a motorcycle.  Dude.