Tolstoy vs. Ultimate Fighting, and Las Vegas Scandals

I’m not normally a big fan of the Las Vegas Sun, but you can depend on their sports guy, Jeff Haney, to come up with some snarky ways to report on the athletic world. 

Case in point, his piece last Wednesday where he went to the trouble of drawing up a chart to compare a new celebrity auto-bio by UFC thug Tito Ortiz with…Anna Karenina.  I cut it out and put it on my classroom door.  It got some chuckles.  Clever, Jeff.  Real clever.

While we’re on the subject of Las Vegas and humor, I recommend this editorial from yesterday’s Review-Journal, summarizing some of the more salacious scandals with which our politicians have entertained us in the last several years.  Did you know, for example, that we have a 400-pound judge on suspension for gross incompetence, or that, a few years ago, more than half our city council went to jail because they accepted bribes and sexual favors from a crime-controlled strip club?  Hilarious!  Why more of this doesn’t make the national news is beyond me.  Oh wait, I forgot.  What happens here…