The Hypocrisy of Bleeding Heart Teachers

I’m talking to you, Wisconsin.

I bet the union thugs shutting down learning in Wisconsin, taking students out of school for political reasons the kids don’t even understand and sabotaging the process of education, are the same teachers who usually claim to “love” their students, being extra kind to them and making sure that class is fun. 

I’ve known tons of teachers like this. They look at their work as a “calling.”  They likely embrace all the latest watered-down edu-fads sponsored by the experts, and look down their noses at the cynical conservative teachers who are just here to do an important job and do it right. 

The thing is, teachers who revel in the warm, fuzzy side of the profession are rarely the selfless shepherds of youth they want you to think they are.  They’re in love with an image of themselves as the cherished, inspiring heroes of society. 

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UNLV Sponsors Youth Sexuality Activism Conference For CCSD Educators

A disturbing email went out to my school’s electronic bulletin board today.  Presumably it went out to every school in the district.  The message included two attachments giving details about an alternative sexuality conference on the UNLV campus on November 14 which will feature a series of workshops.  Are these workshops meant to help educators with their personal lives?  No, nothing like that.  Is it to assist them in avoiding the creation of a classroom environment where teasing and bullying of homosexual students might occur?  Partly. 

But the most unnerving thing about this conference is the inclusion of sessions meant to instruct teachers in training students “to get involved with the LGTBQ community in order to effect positive change. We will look at already established youth LGBTQ community groups, recent movements and types of youth activism.”  Is this serious?  Is UNLV actually promoting, and CCSD tacitly allowing, public teachers preparing to indoctrinate young people in alternative sexual lifestyles, to the point where these children will be encouraged to go out into the community and advocate for them? 

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“Don’t Drink The Kool Aid”

Another cliché that irritates the heck out of me is “don’t drink the Kool Aid.”  The first time I heard it I was impressed by this clever adaptation of the Jonestown tragedy to symbolize the uncritical consumption of ideas, but I’ve heard it used so often now that it’s lost all meaning. 

No, that’s not quite true.  It does have a meaning.  “Kool Aid” is now an all-purpose stand in for any idea you don’t respect and with which you disagree.  If you want to call someone a moron but want to use a classy metaphor to do so, this one is your go-to. 

Have reservations about your colleagues’ political/religious/social/whatever beliefs?  You don’t need to bother hashing it out in a long series of mature discussions where you explore the origins and basis of dissenting opinions, just tell them that you’re not a vapid zombie and you “don’t drink the Kool Aid.”  Didn’t get behind the Cardinals this season?  It’s not just a matter of personal choice, it’s because you, unlike anybody else with differing tastes, are too smart and strong to drink the Kool Aid.  Refuse to butter your toast on a certain side?  You know the drill, you dangerous rebel, you. 

In today’s cultural climate, this strategy assures you of instantly establishing your independent thinker credentials. 

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