Karma Plus Schadenfreude

It’s surprising to me just how entertained people near me have been by a couple of incidents of mild misfortune that have come my way.  Karma, I suppose: I’ve certainly derived more than my fair share of amusement from schadenfreude in my time; it’s only reasonable that others will get to have a chuckle at my expense, too.

Let’s get the facts straight, though:

RUMOR: I got a student to call a radio station in the middle of class on Friday and request “I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas.”  She got on the air and I got in trouble.

STATUS: True.  I’ve perpetrated this cute diversion in other classes over several years, but this time both my name and the name of my school were aired, and as the DJs had a tone of mildly confused consternation as they talked to the student, there were those who worried it made us look bad.  Suffice it to say, I won’t be doing this again. 

However, they did play the song, so it was pretty much worth it.  :)

RUMOR: On Saturday morning, I left my baby in a bookstore.

STATUS: True.  Continue reading