Clean Behind Your Dryer

Have you ever cleaned behind your dryer?  Pull it out from the wall a bit and have a look.  See that aluminum vaccumm tube connecting it to the wall?  Once or twice a year, you should disconnect that and vaccuum out all the lint that collects in and around it. 

This chore makes me glad to have a central vac system in my house, but a dustbuster or Shop Vac would work just as well if you can’t get a full size vaccuum back there. 

This routine maintenance will make your dryer more efficient–your clothes will get dry faster and you’ll save on your energy bill.

Also, that lint is highly flammable, so letting it build up for too long can be dangerous. 

On the plus side, since learning this a few years ago, my family has saved lint from our dryer’s lint trap and taken it with us on camping trips.  That stuff is a miracle–it goes up in flame like nobody’s business.  Best tinder you’ll ever find.