Inauguration 1981

 Like most Americans, I was impressed with the splendor and excitement of last week’s presidential inauguration and, like many Americans, I was disappointed by the universally sour attitude towards our outgoing president and the excessively silly pomp surrounding the ceremony. 

Three days later, I was wandering around Las Vegas’s newest library, Centennial Hills, and browsed their used bookstore before leaving.  I noticed a large hardcover with a picture of the White House on the cover.  Picking it up, I saw that it was A Great New Beginning: The 1981 Inaugural Story.  Feeling the mirthful hand of serendipity guiding me, I gave the librarian a dollar for it and left.

The first thing that struck me was the chapter on Vice President Bush’s family; the pictures of son George Bush, Jr. alone more than made my dollar worth it.  I assume that, since this book has presumably been out of print for more than a quarter century, I’m OK reproducing a few pictures.  In this family portrait, he’s on our left:













He’s leaning over in the back of this one, in front of his wife Laura.  His paragraph in the chapter describes him as a 34-year-old business executive (a graduate of Harvard and Yale), who “owns his own company in Texas.” 

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