The Global Genocide of Baby Girls

All abortions are not created equal.  The numbers are chilling: around the world, babies prenatally identified as female are far, far more likely to be aborted than male babies.  This has resulted in many major societies now having a huge imbalance in genders: there are way too many young men and not nearly enough young women.

This summary of the situation in The New Atlantis adds up the birth dearth: “The unnatural ‘girl deficit’ for females 0-19 years of age as of 2010 would have totaled roughly 32-33 million by both UNPD and IPC figures.”  That’s more than 30 million young men around the world who have absolutely no chance of ever starting a family of their own and, oh yeah, more than 30 million women who never even got to be born.

These abortions have nothing to do with “choice,” “rights,” “lifestyle,” or any of the other usual Western tropes.  These 30 million babies were aborted simply because they were girls.  If they had been male, most if not all of them would have been carried to term and delivered.  Ironically, making abortion one of the vanguards of American feminism has resulted in a global trend that has purposely decimated the Earth’s female population.

My wife and I are expecting another baby in May.  I couldn’t be happier.  It’s a girl.