These are a few of my favorite things…

In no particular order, some of the things that always, always make me happy:

  1. Quarter pounders with cheese and hot mustard
  2. A1 steak sauce
  3. scented candles
  4. mystery and sci-fi magazines
  5. weekend afternoon naps / waking up with everything quiet
  6. The Simpsons
  7. Writing and receiving letters
  8. Writing just about anything
  9. crossword puzzles
  10. soy sauce
  11. beef jerky from Larry’s Great Western Meats
  12. browsing at Hallmark around Halloween
  13. conservative editorials (especially Mark Steyn)
  14. power yoga
  15. soft chocolate chip cookies
  16. mounatin biking through the scenic loop at Red Rock Canyon
  17. early morning walks
  18. wearing sweaters and blankets
  19. Saturday shows on NPR (especially “Car Talk” and “Wait, Wait…”)
  20. thunderstorms
  21. driving through Virgin River Gorge on I-15 in NW Arizona
  22. road trips
  23. watching sunrises
  24. making lists
  25. how my teeth feel after I floss
  26. ice cold milk
  27. U2 albums from the 80’s
  28. slow, simple, moody music
  29. Renaissance festivals and craft fairs
  30. cloudy days
  31. Virginia and the Pacific Northwest
  32. hot chocolate
  33. jazz
  34. meat and cheese from Hickory Farms
  35. chocolate cream pies from Marie Calendar’s
  36. Thomas Kinkade paintings
  37. Shakespeare
  38. Athletic socks, old blue jeans, ribbed t-shirts
  39. Impressionist painting
  40. not shaving for a couple days
  41. for some reason, sitting in a doctor’s or dentist’s office, or getting a haircut
  42. laying in bed and letting my mind wander
  43. New Yorker cartoons
  44. Strong Bad emails on
  45. The Onion
  46. marking scriptures
  47. episodes of Agatha Christie’s Poirot
  48. NPR’s “Performance Today”
  49. Calvin and Hobbes
  50. Celtic music and folklore
  51. working in the temple
  52. surprising my wife with romantic things
  53. hymns
  54. The Mysteries of Harris Burdick
  55. sitting in the tub
  56. martial arts
  57. foreign film
  58. any album from Putumayo World Music
  59. history
  60. hiking in the mountains