Family Conference

Thinking about General Conference last week gave me an idea: if we hold General Conferences for the whole church, stake conferences, and ward conferences–and the purpose of the church is to support the fundamental unit of society, the family–then why don’t we have family conferences?

What is the point of conferences?  To sustain officers, conduct business, and receive instruction from leaders.  All three of these could be enhanced by holding a Family Conference.  In addition, it could serve to reinforce the importance of the Church’s other conferences to family members.

Here are some possibilities:

  • General Conference has been held annually and semiannually every six months since its founding in 1830.  With that in mind, I might suggest holding two Family Conferences per year around the time of your anniversary and six months in between.  By this logic, your “first annual Family Conference” would be your wedding day.
  • Begin the conference by having the conducting authority recognize the presence of those who preside (Mom and Dad).  Continue reading