Recommended Eating: Chicago Hot Dogs

Is it strange that in my last post I panned a fabulous, swanky eatery at an upscale location on the famous Las Vegas Strip, and now I’m singing the praises of a dumpy shack in the middle of a run-down neighborhood?

Here’s a hint: the answer is yes.  But so what?  It’s the food that counts.

Rancho and Washington is indeed in an older, less savory part of Las Vegas these days.  But I grew up around there.  When my parents moved here in the mid-70’s, it was practically the edge of town. 

Just north of that intersection, you’ll find a decrepit hovel with a barely-visible sign that simply says Chicago Hot Dogs.  I drove by it a few years ago and stopped for a bite.  It was, simply put, the best dog I’ve ever had.  Our family drove by again last night and I had another perfect hot dog.  My wife got some onion rings and when I tried those–no surprise–they were the best onion rings I’d ever had. 

The guys I’ve seen working there are so laid back and friendly, you’d think you were at a Phish concert.  Perhaps they enjoy the satisfaction of knowing their backward little corner of the world is secretly home to some of the best cuisine around, a haven of exquisite Americana.  I say secret because I’ve never seen anyone else there.  How do they stay in business?

It’s probably out of your way to get there, but it’s worth it.  For more motivation, check out their web site, which is just as much fun as eating there itself:

Whatever size dog you get, remember, it’s Chicago Hot Dogs–be sure to get relish and onions. 

Final Grade: A