Parents Are Not Entertainers

I used to love it when my children would come up to me and ask me to play with them.  This is what it’s all about, right?  Quality time, giving them your full attention, responding to their needs. 

But after a while I began to realize what was really going on.  Most of those requests for play time weren’t coming from a desire to be close or because they missed me.  They were just bored and wanted me to entertain them. 

My kids, like most children, I’m sure, frequently complain of boredom when they aren’t being actively entertained by something electronic.  As much as we limit their TV and computer time, they still yearn for them as their go-to way to pass the time in life.  Once their allotted time for those things has run out each day, I can often see a dull fear come over their faces, a lost and lonely cowering that says, “Now what?” 

And that’s when the pleading for more Daddy time comes in.  See, they never want Daddy time when they can watch TV or play a computer game; just when they don’t want to figure out what to do for themselves.

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