Highly Recommended Blog: Feeling Good Through Food

Last week I found, courtesy of Facebook, a new-ish blog run by a friend from church.  She’s chronicling her family’s efforts to maintain healthy eating habits, but this little blog is already much more than that.  Each entry gives easy recipes, yes, but the site itself also houses advice on where to find affordable whole foods (even giving specific product brands), and other suggestions for eating this way.  Plus, the stories and pictures of her family learning to eat better makes for terrific reading.  It’s fun, engaging, inspiring, and highly recommended.

I admit I haven’t tried any of the recipes yet, but I will soon.  After reading Born to Run a couple of months ago, I’m excited to add chia seeds to my diet, and I see them mentioned on Feeling Good Through Food.  Also, I have something of a hobby of making up improvised, healthy smoothies–throwing whatever looks tantalizing into our blender.  For this, also, this blog appears to have things to say to me.  Looking forward to seeing a lot more of it!