Send Love With Inappropriate Greeting Cards

Does your honey have a sense of humor?

If yes, read the cute idea below.

If no, get a new honey.  Then, read the cute idea below.

Here’s a great way to send love to that special someone: give them a hilariously inappropriate card.  Not inappropriate in the sense that the card is offensive, but in the sense that it’s not for the person or occasion in question.  The weirdness and confusion will always bring a smile.

Is she going in for surgery?  Give her a “congratulations on your bar mitzvah” card.

Is he graduating from school?  Send him a card that thanks him for inviting you to his baby shower.

Get a bunch of St. Patrick’s Day cards this week.  Give them out in October. 

Don’t forget birthdays!  The older the friend, the younger the card should be.  Your grandma will love getting a card with Dora the Explorer on it.

Did your honey just turn 40?  Present one of those flowery sympathy cards that says, “My prayers are with you in your time of sorrow and loss.”  Wait, no.  Actually, that one makes sense.

Merry Pirate Birthday!

One of my kids is lucky enough to have a birthday right before Christmas.  He wanted a pirate-themed party this year, so that combined with our Christmas decorations made for an interesting ambience this year.  Three recent views of our household are below. 

I told some friends who were over that the pirate birthday party decorations were actually for Christmas.  Because, you know, poor Jesus, if you think about it, has to have the same old theme for His birthday year after year: the whole “winter festival / nativity” thing.  It probably gets a little old after a couple of thousand years.  This year, I said, our family decided to jazz it up a bit for Him.  This year, the Savior of the world got a pirate birthday.  Next year, who knows, maybe Transformers. 

Yar, merry Christmas, matey!

Snowman, reindeer, and some Jolly Roger flags


Santa on the wall next to some happy little skulls


Foreground: treasure chest and pirate ship mobile Background: Christmas tree