40 For 40 Progress Report 8/12

I’m 2/3 of the way through being 40, and I’m now 1/2 way through my list of goals. I only have two more to add since last time:

One is watching 40 episodes of the Twilight Zone, which I reported on earlier today.

The other is doing 40 days of temple and family history work. Most of that was just research and subsequent work on FamilySearch and Ancestry–creating records, updating them, combining them, etc. A few of those days were indexing at home, and some others were baptisms, initiatories, and endowments. This made me realize that I really need to schedule time to go out to the temple, that trying to do more temple work gets results, and that the cycle of getting names ready and going out to do the work keeps creating more opportunities to do even more. Not a bad way to live at all!

The good news is that on Wednesday I calculated how many more days I had until I have to go back to work, and it was 40 days, so I started some more of the goals, and I’m already in the middle of several. If all goes well, when I report back in another month, I should be able to add seven or eight more, and several more the month after that.

I’ve revised a few of the ones that never really made sense, either in how they’d work or why I’m doing them. I’ll report on those as they roll in. Also, I’m already (still) reflecting a lot on what I am and what I am not getting out of this. Some interesting lessons are coming up, but I’ll hold of on more commentary for now, too.

Overall, this is time well spent. What else can we ask for?



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