Conversation With a Fanatical Anti-Mormon

It’s actually the same guy from yesterday’s “conversation” post. In the middle of the night after that discussion, he sent me the random new message you see below. As with yesterday’s record, I reproduce this here for you because, of the many debates I’ve ever had with anti-Mormons, this is probably the very best. It’s certainly the most comprehensive.

For one thing, he really did look at my evidence and addressed it. That’s pretty rare.

But mostly, this just shows how shallow the thinking is from the anti camp. You see most of the usual games here–lots of random trivia used as a scare tactic, strong claims made and repeated without evidence, changing the subject, outright contradiction whenever it’s convenient, projection, etc.

Note that even after the dust settled, he had never even tried to substantiate his own claims about the Book of Mormon–I analyzed his own argument more seriously than he did. Also, not only did he never explain the evidence for the Book of Mormon, he literally admitted that doing so would be impossible.

Warning: this post is VERY long. But worth it. Enjoy.





One comment on “Conversation With a Fanatical Anti-Mormon

  1. I’ve had exchanges with anti-ex-Mormons on many occasions. This one was typical in the sense that there seems to be a common denominator. These “Anti’s” have had an emotional experience! They believe they were lied to and they become angry and in some cases, down right hateful. Where as people who are ‘converted’ to the Church have an ’emotional’ experience where by they feel peace and warmth and love.

    That anger seems to be a real motivator. We see it in their actions; the protests at Conference, the hostile posts, hostile web sites, the name calling and the false claims. Claims which can be easily undone with the facts but take 10 sentences to explain a one sentence accusation.

    I have often wondered if Satan can really influence people like the Spirit of God influences people. And despite all my years in speaking with anti-ex-Mormons, I never considered them being converted by an alternate spirit, until today.

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