Women’s March

screen-shot-2017-01-21-at-7-42-41-pmEarly this afternoon I drove home from my job in downtown Las Vegas, and passed dozens of women who were mostly dressed up in expensive clothes, smiling from ear to ear, and holding very angry and predictably generic signs.

Honest question here: what exactly are today’s women’s marches about? I’ve seen dozens of their signs all over the news, and I can’t figure out what the point is. Tons of unrelated issues are reflected from one sign to the next. Based on the dominant messages they’re advertising, they seem to want abortion to be legal and sexual assault to be illegal, but isn’t that already the case? What am I missing?

The closest thing I can find to a unified message is a general hate of Trump, because of his admittedly crude comments about women. But if that’s the animating force here, what exactly are these marches meant to achieve? Didn’t they already express opposition to him when they voted for Hillary? What message is now understood that wasn’t already clear last week or last month or last year? And what do these protesters hope to achieve? What will actually become different in the real world because of this? Is there a concrete goal?

Or is this just a glorified pity party? Is this yet another chance for leftists to spout cliches and feel good about themselves? A community commiseration based on vaguely similar negative reflexes? It kind of seems like that. Honestly, sometimes it looks like leftists just have to pretend to rebelling against something because if they didn’t, they’d have no real identity at all.

4 comments on “Women’s March

  1. They are protesting the upcoming assault on women that they believe to be forthcoming. Republicans in general can’t seem to keep their noses out of women’s lives. De-funding Planned Parenthood, for example (in addition to getting rid of the part of Obamacare that concerns pre-existing conditions). Many poor women and single mothers depend on Planned Parenthood for cancer screenings they can not get otherwise. As a cancer survivor myself I think this is disgusting and know that it will cost some women their lives. I was one of the lucky women who had insurance through work and so could afford to go to the doctor. My cancer was found early so I am alive today. But for some insurance is a luxury. Also, it is time that women were paid the same as a man for the same job. Women are still NOT equal. As a Mormon woman I know this to be true………. Read history and see how women have been treated by the Christian church. In Medieval times it was brutal. Women healers were burned as witches. We did not get the vote until 1920. These women who are marching don’t want to go back to the past…….

  2. Kathy and Barbara, thanks for the comments. Do you see how these might be examples of the kind of skewed myopia that made so many Americans reject your brand of leftism and elect Trump?

    Kathy, you paint those who differ from you as cartoon oppressors, interested only in evil. Do you know how those “others” feel and view the world? Can you articulate it? If not, how do you so boldly condemn them?

    Barbara, do you speak for all women? How do you account for all those who disagree with you? If you just dismiss them, how is that not sexist?

    Neither of you addressed the main issues in the post–for example, what did this march accomplish that voting for Hillary Clinton did not?

  3. Huston, I greatly enjoy reading your blog. But what you wrote about the women’s march was condescending and judgmental. You paint people with such a broad brush, calling everyone who participated in the march, as well as Kathy and myself, “leftists.” Do you really think millions of people (yes, some men were involved) around the world showed up last Saturday for a “glorified pity party”? If so, how dismissive. Of course, I don’t speak for all women. I did not march myself (nor do I fully endorse every aspect of the event) but I understand and support those who did. Reading news stories about it lifted my heart after a depressing week. Women who may feel differently are entitled to their feelings. I would not label or categorize them. But I would hope they are not “looking down” on their sisters.

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