10 Extremely Awesome Things That Happened In 2016

In no particular order:

1. The last 30 seconds of the NCAA basketball championship


2. Captain America: Civil War


3. People Are Awesome videos

4. Extra Inning Game 7 Chicago Cubs World Series Victory


5. This epic zombie prank video


6. The world’s largest virtual Hallelujah chorus


7. This hilarious video!


8. National Geographic nature photography


9. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


10. YOU. You happened. You were alive every single day in 2016.

You took thousands of deep breaths in 2016.

Think of your favorite food. How many times did you taste it last year? Probably more than once.

Did you go to your favorite place? Again, probably more than once.

How many times did you smile or laugh?

Somebody looked at you and said “I love you.”

You heard music that you enjoyed. You likely even heard something new that you like.

Do you appreciate animals? Did you pet a dog at all in that year?

You felt the sun on your face more times than you could count.

At no point were you in pain from hunger or thirst. You may have been very cold, but for how long at a time? A few minutes? Worst case scenario, a few hours?

You always had a home to go to.

You may have had some restless nights or slept poorly often, but how many great nights of deep, refreshing sleep did you have? Without a doubt, hundreds.

You might have been sick or injured, but it could have been infinitely worse. You did not have a stroke, or a heart attack, or cancer. You did not lose any limbs, or go blind. You did not lose all of your loved ones last year.

And even if any of those awful things did happen, at least you weren’t a Cleveland Browns fan.

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