The Book of Moses: Dramatized Audio with Illustrations

This is a complete dramatized reading of the Book of Moses, from the Pearl of Great Price, with various pictures and study aids. The Book of Moses really is a little masterpiece, hidden in plain sight. It’s wise, beautiful, and leads directly to Jesus Christ–a scripture classic!


One comment on “The Book of Moses: Dramatized Audio with Illustrations

  1. The Pearl of Great Price is well named! Moses and Abraham are two of my most favorite books of scripture. My husband, a convert, once asked me a question while he was studying for a religion class at BYU. I answered immediately and he looked at me and asked “How do you know these things?” I couldn’t even tell him. I just knew that little piece of trivia from somewhere. Then later while reading the PofGP as a family we got to a part and I realized it was from here that I knew the answer to my husband’s question some years before. My father had us read the PofGP before going to the temple for the first time. We had read it as a family at least once, probably more. Doing so helped me feel so comfortable in the endowment session I felt I’d come home and didn’t want to leave. Thanks for sharing this resource.

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