A Message For Religious Conservatives Who Still Support Donald Trump

Nobody has championed Donald Trump based on his character. The argument I keep hearing is, “This is our last chance to save conservative values…We need to shake up the system…We need to make our voice heard…Trump will fight back…” etc.

Two things:

First, if that scenario is true–if we’re in a position where we need some desperate last ditch effort of a president to save us–then it’s already too late. We are completely and utterly doomed.

Second–and this is specifically for my fellow believers out there–it is wrong to put our trust in the arm of flesh. And yes, that’s exactly what Trump’s religious supporters are doing.

“But we have to be involved citizens and vote,” you say, and I agree, but that does not mean going along with the options presented by a corrupt mainstream. A third party vote or (as I’m doing) a vote for “none of the above” is also a moral choice. I suspect that our efforts as citizens will be most useful on the names and issues at the local levels of our ballots now, anyway.

Yes, issues and policies are important, but none of them–or all of them put together–are as powerful as God. The “wrong” person winning an election or the “wrong” law being passed will not break our country.

The success or failure of our country is decided by the strength of the hearts and homes of our people. God will deliver us or not based on the daily lives of those who constitute the society, who create the culture, not the artificial landmarks of that society and culture. By focusing on politics, we’re obsessing over the outer appearance of virtue in America, instead of the inner core of who we as a people really are. We’re trying to become “like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness” (Matt. 23:27).

We will never save American at the ballot box, especially not while our families are falling apart as we make such a fuss about this vote. The late conservative journalist Andrew Breitbart knew this truth when he said that politics is downstream from culture.

“So what?” you might say. “Don’t we still need to elect good leaders and then we can fix our communities, too?”

No. You said yourself that Donald Trump is a desperate measure. He is not a good candidate. And by putting such value in his election, by suggesting that his winning would somehow empower us, you are looking for a worldly, secular deliverance, instead of doing the more important things we’ve been taught to do, and trusting in God.

Supporting Trump just because of some superstitious belief that he’ll somehow help Christians is, in short, a form of idolatry.

3 comments on “A Message For Religious Conservatives Who Still Support Donald Trump

  1. You are so right! DT is not the great savior people thing he’ll be. He is just about as corrupt and evil, in his own way, as the other horrible candidate. I couldn’t face the Lord on judgement day having voted for such a person! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Clinton is NOT better than Trump.

    Clinton is a student of Marxism. She greatly admired Communist Saul Alinsky and he mentored her. She admires Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez.
    Clinton harassed and smeared the women Bill Clinton raped, assaulted, and had affairs with.
    Clinton treats people like slime, and she is more vulgar than Trump.
    Clinton never created jobs. Clinton makes money by bribery, Pay to Play.
    When Clinton was Senator of NY, she went to India and promised Indians jobs in America over American citizens. She even called herself Senator of Punjab. She supports foreigners over American citizens, as does that traitor Commie Paul Ryan.

    6 billion dollars disappeared from the State Department when Clinton was Secretary of State. She broke several federal laws with her private email server and Obama help cover it up.
    She has publicly stated she will get rid of the First and Second Ammendments. So say bye to religious freedom and freedom of press.
    The list of her corruption is long.

    Anyone that supports Clinton is a traitor to America and is not a Christian. Anyone that supports Clinton is a Communist.

    • Who here said that Clinton is better than Trump? They are both EVIL!!!! Did you know that there are enough voters in the US that did not vote for either Trump or Clinton that if we banded together we could elect a third party candidate? YES! We don’t have to choose either of the two egomaniacs running for office.

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