Wendi Adelson

A few days ago I was perusing headlines at Instapundit when I saw this one: “NEWS FROM FLORIDA: Wendi Adelson Discusses Her Ex-Husband Dan Markel’s Murder.” It took me a moment to remember where I knew that name from: 14 years ago, she and I were contestants on a TV game show called The Weakest Link.

I didn’t talk to her much that day, just enough to get an impression of her (a positive one, too–I remember her smiling a lot and being very enthusiastic), and we weren’t even on the same episode: she was part of a group that went in to tape ahead of my group, but all the contestants spent all day together, sequestered in the studio. I also remember that when her group came backstage afterwards, we could all tell that she had won, because she couldn’t stop grinning.

And now, reading this article, it appears that she’s had a very eventful, exciting life in the years since–a successful career practicing and teaching law, leadership in important work combating human trafficking, and now some high-profile scrutiny after her ex-husband was violently killed.

I certainly don’t know enough about her to venture any theory about that case–my entire acquaintance with her lasted one day, nearly a decade and a half ago–so anyone looking for dirt came to the wrong place.

I guess this is really just more of a “isn’t it strange the random people you meet who later become famous” thing. Still, she seemed like a nice person at the time, and if she’s looking for more peace in life, I hope she finds it.



2 comments on “Wendi Adelson

  1. Thanks for your comment. I am very impressed by your judgment and the restraint you exercise in not making unwarranted inferences regarding this case, unlike many arm-chair detectives who think they know exactly how the murder took place.

  2. Mr. Sataran, the warranted inference given the evidence law enforcement has collected is that at least one of four members of the Adelson family of greater Miami hired a hit man to take out Prof. Markel. The challenge to law enforcement at this time is to compile sufficient evidence to identify which Adelsons were conspirators. And, yes, we know that a perpetrator who has pleaded guilty was of the belief that Wendi Adelson was apprised of the hit beforehand.

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