Teacher Appreciation Week

Last week was teacher appreciation week, and our student council solicited letters of gratitude. I got several. This wasn’t the first year where many apologized for “irritating” me, but many thanked me for personally reaching out to them (something this introvert has worked hard on for years), and a few even specifically said that I’d helped them become better writers–ladies and gents, those take the cake!

Also, the awesome chicken place PDQ gave teachers a whole free meal last Tuesday, so that was awesome.


Today, though, as lunch started, I could feel my mood turning glum–the room was dark and cold (faulty air conditioning only allows my room to be roasting or freezing), and I was tired and stressed out.

So I just went out to my car and drove around the neighborhood for a little while. My school is in downtown Vegas, east of the north end of the Strip, where blocks of cozily coifed law offices sit next to blocks of dilapidated old buildings (many closed down) and quite a few newer gentrification projects.

The air was cool, the sun was bright, and the world was slow. It was a pleasant drive and I soon felt better. The rest of the day was fine.



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