I Love NPR Pledge Drives

I love NPR pledge drives! They entertain the heck out of me.

As a conservative, I decided years ago that, even though I often listen to NPR, I would never contribute to a media giant that constantly derides my beliefs and values. Hearing the desperation, hypocrisy, and impotent anger that fills their pledge drives, then, is an especially fun kind of schadenfreude.

Have you ever listened to one of their pleas for money? Seriously, you can’t find this much shame and guilt used in the most hostile caricatures of parochial schools! Most of the on-air talent is quickly reduced to outright scolding the listeners for not subsidizing them, even though podcasts and satellite radio have made their business model obsolete. Hearing them try to dress up their entitled begging is better than the surreal joy of listening to some teenager self-righteously lecture you.

Everybody else says they want these pledge drives to be over as soon as possible, but not me. I hope they last forever. They’re certainly more entertaining than the predictably stale advocacy they call “news.” #NPR @NPR @KNPRNews


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