“Just For Boys” Book Club

UntitledIn the late 80s, I belonged to a mail order book club that I’d seen in this ad from Boys Life magazine. Every now and then, I remember some of the great, fun stories I got from that outfit, such as The Ten-Speed Babysitter, The Chimpanzee Kid, and more whose names I’ve forgotten (what was the one about the basketball star who got injured and started reading Stephen King?).

I especially liked Caught in the Moving Mountains, a story about a MacGyver-type kid and his wimpy brother who go camping on their own, and the wimpy kid has to man up when his brother has a nervous breakdown when they face fugitive drug dealers. Great stuff.

Like all of these books, it’s long since out of print and only available now through Amazon.

But I found the author of that one and she’s still cranking out the guy-friendly, action-packed adventure stories. I looked her up in my library’s catalog and, ironically, I had just seen some of her newer stuff on display at the visitors’ center in Death Valley last month–she writes mysteries about the national parks now, too.

So I checked out Buried Alive, because I love Alaska. And it was great; just what I wanted.

I can’t find a web site with any details about the old Just for Boys book club, much less a list of all the titles they had. But here’s an article from 1988 about a mom who hyperventilated at the thought of something so sexist, and banned her son from even knowing this existed.

I hope that worked out well for her.



One comment on ““Just For Boys” Book Club

  1. I’m looking for the same thing. I have a 7yr old and we’ve read “The Mystery of the Whispering Mummy,” and “Someone is hiding on Alcatraz Island.” My parents still have a bookshelf with most of the titles you mentioned above. I really enjoyed having a new book every so often. Looking for a similar club for my son.

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