Cameras In Classrooms

A report in the local paper says that “It’s only a matter of time before all uniformed Las Vegas police officers are equipped with body-worn cameras.” I wish the same were true of teachers.

In my perfect, money-is-no-object world, every public school classroom would have a camera mounted in a corner where the whole room is visible, and an audio/video stream of every minute of the school day would be live streamed to and archived at the school district web site.

The reason is obvious, I’m sure. It protects everybody. As with the police, a record of any controversial events will almost always vindicate the authority figure. But any innocent party should want a public record. For a teacher, a recording could provide context to misunderstandings that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

It protects students, too. Besides that, it would make keeping up on work in the event of absences much easier.

For parents, it makes staying in the loop easier than ever. Any mom or dad could click on the schools’ website any Tuesday morning at 10 AM and see just what’s going on in Chemistry or Geometry.



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