Are Liberals Right? Are We Stupid?

In all the discussions about bias and prejudice that fill our daily media plate in America, perhaps the most pervasive stereotype is the one that gets analyzed the least: that Republicans are stupid, or greedy, or evil, or all three.

I’ve spent years defending us from such ignorant assumptions, but with the advent of Donald Trump–and especially his solid win in supposedly conservative, Christian South Carolina–I’m starting to wonder: are liberals actually accidentally right?

I agree with the summary of ideas about Trump and his flock of followers in this Facebook post.

In my zeal to defend solid principles and our own mistreated minority, perhaps I’ve forgotten one of the fundamentals of conservative thought: our deeply flawed human nature. Nobody–not liberals or any special subset of them, and not conservatives or Christians, either–is immune to it.

Liberals rallied behind an exciting outsider amateur who hinted at mild despotism in 2008, and now a lot of so-called conservatives are doing the same thing. The irony would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

The next time I try to explain why conservative ideas are wise, all a liberal will have to say is, “A third of Republicans support Donald Trump,” and my argument will be over.

Yes, many liberals support Obama–and the current candidates–for the basest of reasons, but it’s undeniable that many Republicans support Trump for the same scary reasons.

It’s enough to make me wonder what a lot of Republicans think conservatism is, or why they’re even Republicans in the first place. Will all of our presidents from now on just be figureheads in a cult of personality?

I suggest we pray for our country.

One comment on “Are Liberals Right? Are We Stupid?

  1. Donald Trump is not now and never has been a conservative, let alone a Republican. He is not representative of the conservative, constitution loving patriots; rather he is narcissistic, vulgar, and a whole lot of other negative adjectives. I work and pray that he will not be elected as he doesn’t represent me and I don’t want him representing my country on the world stage.

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