Help start a new award for those who have defended Western Civilization

Churchill_V_sign_HU_55521We need an annual award for those who have helped preserve Western Civilization, and who are working to reclaim public space from the “progressive” Left. This will encourage more of us to emulate these role models in saving our heritage from the decay we see encroaching all around us.

I’m just a middle aged, middle class guy–a husband and father, a school teacher and blogger–who wants to do a little bit to add to our struggle to conserve what’s best about our world. Publicly rewarding someone who has labored and sacrificed in that fight will help that good work go on.

Here’s the GoFundMe page:

With the donated funds, I’ll organize a formal dinner at a prominent venue here in Las Vegas (where I live–convenient!) for the winner and guests, and invite friendly media to cover this exciting celebration of preserving civilization.

I picture the award being a bust of Winston Churchill (you know, like the one Obama gave away). Churchill represents the ideal of this award: defending and spreading our Western heritage through words and action. Also, I like that the award would have “Church” in its name–another aspect of heritage worth saving!

FOR EVERY DONATION OF $20, YOU GET ONE VOTE FOR WHO GETS THE AWARD. So, a $100 donation gets 5 votes. Name your preferred recipient in a comment.

Suggested nominees:

Mark Steyn: news columnist whose articulate warnings about the Left and whose personal fight for free speech deserve recognition and support.

Pope Benedict XVI: religious leader whose writings, teaching, and example have defended Western Civilization to billions.

Ron Paul: political leader whose steady defense of constitutional liberty has inspired millions.

Cormac McCarthy: author whose literary works like “No Country For Old Men” and “The Road” have powerfully illustrated what’s happening in the world, and what’s at stake.

Nominate anyone who you think deserves this more than anyone else–whoever has done the most to keep the light burning.

I look forward to serving all of you–our families and our communities–as we make the most of this idea to celebrate conservatism in a way that will help it thrive and grow. God bless America.

Please share this with everyone you know who cares about America, freedom, and the future.

2 comments on “Help start a new award for those who have defended Western Civilization

  1. I would put forth Pope Francis before Pope Benedict. I think Pope Francis puts forward the “western” values of what you do to the least of these you do to me and there is the small matter that Pope Benedict retired before a financial scandal was revealed in the Curia (The Vatican Bank).

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