Report on Resolution to Thank Parents of Students

Last month I planned to call parents of two students per school day just to thank them for raising such great kids. Here’s how it went:

Well, I was very inconsistent. Between forgetting and being busy, I only contacted about a dozen parents, less than half of what I should have done.

Also, most of those contacts were via email, not phone. It’s just too hard to reach people at a moment’s notice. Once, early in the month, I tried leaving a voice mail, but I think it sounded weird: “Hi, this is a teacher and I want to say that I think your child is cool.”  It felt awkward. I didn’t leave any more messages.

But a lot of good came of it. I clearly made some people’s day. Some great but usually overlooked kids got some praise.

My favorite contacts of the month were the two parents I called, only to find that they didn’t speak English. Both had email addresses in our system, so with the magic of Google Translate, I sent my message via email. Both replied with effusive gratitude. I don’t know why, but those felt especially good.

And there are still dozens of such students this year who need some attention, and whose parents deserve such recognition. I’ll keep this going.

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