Where NOT To Get a Smoothie

Here’s a fun game: let’s say you live a really evil life, so you end up spending eternity at the Smoothie King in the northwest part of Las Vegas.

You can pass the time by trying to count all the signs they have posted that basically yell at you in advance. There are 8 1/2 x 11 laminated signs all over telling you not to steal, and that the bathrooms are for customers only, and that they don’t honor certain specials, and to hurry up and leave, etc.

Anyway, I counted 11 such signs on my last visit. Eleven!

Don’t try using a coupon there. They will make you suffer.

They have virtually no seats, so they can make more room to stock shelves full of pseudo-healthy junk to sell (“Amazing herbal bar melts away the pounds!” kind of stuff).

The only conclusion I can reach is that Smoothie King actively hates its own customers.

I’ve been there four times over the last couple of years, trying to give it another chance, because I love smoothies. I’ve never seen the same person working there twice–high turnover, perhaps? Maybe, because on three of those four visits, the people working there were rude, curt, and depressed. I can’t tell if they just hire miserable people, or if working there makes people miserable.

On the plus side, do you know what I just noticed this summer? On Aliante Parkway and Centennial, there’s a new Tropical Smoothie Cafe. Yea!


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