A King With No Majesty

A local high school has elected a female prom king, and nobody can say why it’s a good idea.

This isn’t about gender or sexuality or any manufactured PC trope. It’s about meaning, and the lack thereof.

Things like this prove what many of us have been saying for years: if society keeps up the shift to basing values on superficial trends, we’ll end up with people who are incapable of defending positions with consistent logic.

This young woman and her fans are celebrating their courage for doing absolutely nothing. Her cause is random, so her victory is empty. She didn’t do this to make anything better, or even to make a point at all. She did it because it gives the
appearance of rebellion, even though this protest has no actual content.

She says, “I motivated a lot of students at my school,” and her father says, “She always stands for something.” But what has she stood for? What has she motivated people to do? This self-righteous celebration of nihilism is worse than the juvenile stunt itself. The emperor has no clothes, and the prom king has no majesty.

If a girl can be prom king, then could an adult also do it? If not, why not? How do you justify drawing that judgmental line? And if an adult could be prom king, why couldn’t anybody be eligible for anything? Could an elderly man run for prom queen at a high school a thousand miles away? Aren’t these barriers just arbitrary walls that society sets up to keep people separate?

That’s the larger lesson. We need these social conventions and the order they create for us. In their absence, things stop making sense, and when things stop making sense, the real work of society stops getting done.

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