See “Wonders of the Universe” at CSN Planetarium

Took the kids to see this recently and it was excellent.  You’re basically seeing a mini-IMAX production for a fraction of the cost (digital projectors have replaced the glorified film strips we had as kids), and while the quality of the film’s narration is scattered (the How the Universe Works series is much better written), the visuals are perfect.  It’s amazing to sit back and glide into the edges of a galaxy, and see the colorful dust of space wash over and around you.

I learned stuff, too: there are small pockets of stars floating around out there that aren’t in any galaxy at all.  Have there been any sci-fi stories about these lonely areas of space?

The sound quality was surprisingly lower than the visual display, but still, this is a great show.

The CSN Planetarium is a decent place with comfortable seats, friendly staff, and a regional sky orientation in each show.  Plus, you can go use their huge telescopes at the end of the night, even if you don’t pay to see a show!

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