How To Be Grateful For Your Body

Think of every illness you’ve ever had: not just the serious sicknesses, but even every cold and flu.  Canker sores and rashes, too.  Seriously, make a list.  You’ll be surprised.  There must be dozens.  Your body has recovered from them all.

Think of every injury you’ve ever had: not just the broken bones, but every paper cut, every jammed knuckle, every bruise, every stubbed toe, every sprain, and any and all boo-boos since you were born.  There must be dozens of these, too, if not more.  Your body has healed them all.

Think of every headache, every sensitive tooth, every stomach ache, every stiff back, and any other soreness you’ve ever had.  These could number in the hundreds.  Your body has persevered in spite of them all, overcome them all, and continued to serve you and allow you to live each day after they’ve been forgotten.

How much total blood have you ever lost?  How many times would this combined amount have bled you to death?  Yet your body has reproduced every last drop.

Not impressed yet?  Imagine now that each and every single one of the items on your list were to suddenly come back to you right now.

Surely you, and anyone in the same position, would die instantly.  The pain alone would be far more than anyone could bear and live.

So let’s be grateful for the amazing healing power of our bodies.

Even if our health is flawed now, even if we are suffering from some of these maladies at this very moment, we could remember the hundreds of things that we’ve been through and survived, the thousands of things that will never happen to us…or just the simple fact that right now, as you read this, you are not suffering from a deep, hacking cough.

And if you are, then be grateful that you don’t have a sharply ingrown toenail, or a torn Achilles tendon.

And if you do, against all likely odds, happen to have all three of those specific afflictions today, at least be grateful you’re not me, the guy who has to endure the embarrassment of drawing your attention to it!