A Secret About Classroom Crowding

Everybody knows that classrooms are overcrowded.  Many would be surprised, though, to hear how bad it is: some classes will start this year with upwards of 50 kids in them.  Shocking!

But don’t worry.  It’s not as bad as they say.  Really!

Most of those explosive numbers are in remedial classes.  One of the reasons why kids end up in those lowest-level classes is because of their chronic truancy–many of them won’t bother to show up a good deal of the time.

So in a class of 50, maybe 40-45 will show up on any given day.

And with all the transiency and disciplinary measures that will always accompany lowest-level classes, by the end of the school year that 50-kid roster will be down to about 30.

The 50-student class will exist far more often on paper than in actual seats in a classroom.