Pure Political Preference

Besides all the more intellectual reasons why I am a conservative, I prefer it to liberalism because I simply like its values more.

Conservatism is concerned with the primary needs of existence: physical safety, family, private property, freedom.

Liberalism is concerned with secondary wants: egalitarianism, self expression, fulfillment, comfort.

I like subscribing to a worldview that prizes the eternal over the ephemeral.

As an addendum to the above, I like how this statement clarifies the relationship between the competing philosophies.  Liberalism can only exist in places where conservatism has first paved the way.  In cruder terms, people can only rebel against a system once a system has successfully flourished.  So, you’re welcome.

Others have noted that conservatives can live without liberals just fine, but not vice versa.  Heaven forbid the left ever actually achieves a socialist Utopia–they’ll have no idea what to do next.  In a world where the progressive revolutionaries become the hegemony, the inevitable role reversal must ultimately restore the original order.

But perhaps we’ve already approached that state of affairs as nearly as possible?  Thus the tagline in the header for this blog.