NPR’s Revealing “Fair Share” Manipulation

Nevada Public Radio is in the throes of its spring pledge drive.  As I listened to some of it this Wednesday morning before changing the station, I realized that this segment had a lesson to teach.

The local station manager was speaking, but this was not her usual chirpy cheerleading for donations.  She sounded despondent.  She was outright scolding listeners, shaming them for their selfishness and warning them that the pledge drive would continue until they submitted and coughed up some cash.

She talked about how few people actually contribute to this station, even repeatedly rolling out the “pay your fair share” card.  “Is it fair to enjoy the benefits of this station,” she asked, “if you’re not contributing?”

So NPR now apparently believes that it is NOT right for a small fraction of the population to shoulder the financial burden of providing services for the rest of the general population?  Good to know.