Dystopias Vindicated

From National Review:

…the process of conquering is a gradual humiliation: Islamic supremacists make life as dificult as possible for the sugar daddy kuffar while demanding to be paid for the privilege — and the payment itself is symbolic of the conquest.

Replace “Islamic supremacists” there with “looters” and you have a page from Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged!


From an Atlantic article quoted today at Instapundit:

So citizens of a Pink Police State (I should say subjects) are apt to surrender more and more political liberty in exchange for more and more cultural or ‘personal’ license. And the government of a Pink Police State tends to monopolize and totalize administrative control while carving out a permissive playpen for the people.

How is that not a perfect thematic summary of Brave New World?

This is not encouraging.