18 Passwords

Last week I sat down to record in one place every user name and password I have for work.

I have fourteen for my day job.

One gets me on the desktop in my classroom.

Another gets into a laptop / projector system for class use.

Others get into my email, my grade book (Easy Grade Pro), our school’s program for recording grades and attendance (ClassXP), and another grade and attendance program (ParentLink).

I have others for a writing evaluation web site (Turn It In dot com), our school district’s library and textbook system, and a web site for class collaboration and communication (Edmodo dot com).

Then there’s the one for my online professional development classes, which are required for certifications and license renewal.

I have three just for my role as a speech and debate coach: one for a local coach’s forum, one for registering for tournaments, and one for the national organization’s records.

I use most of these daily.  Turn It In, the library web site, and the speech and debate resources are used about once or twice a week.

This doesn’t include my night job teaching college classes.  That adds four more: one for email, one for submitting grades, one for the class’s assignments and notes to be posted, and one to access the library’s resources.  I use these about two or three times a week, each.

This ought to tell you something about how complicated it is being a teacher today.


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