Will Liberals Agree to Call These Things Crazy?

I want to ask every progressive in America, especially those now in or seeking political office, to commit to the following ten-point statement:

I will not at any time endorse or participate in any social movement or advocate any legislative change that promotes:

• Legalizing incestuous relationships
• Legalizing polygamous relationships
• Legalizing sexual relationships with, or depictions of, minors under the current age of consent
• Granting animals any new legal rights currently reserved for humans
• Granting governments any new power, outside of taxation, to arbitrarily seize money held in accounts and investments of private citizens
Granting governments any new power to confiscate firearms which are legally owned by private citizens
• Any new regulating or criminalizing of the diet or exercise choices of private citizens
• Any new regulating or criminalizing of any currently-legal parenting choices, such as those relating to homeschooling and religious instruction
• Any new regulating or criminalizing of any expression of opinions
• Regulating or criminalizing any aspect of currently-legal public religious practice

If any progressive will not sign this, I want to ask, why not?  Which of these things do you plan to endorse in the future?  Why aren’t you endorsing them now?  Which points, if any, will you officially get behind?

If anyone thinks these points are silly and that they will never become serious discussions of public policy, then why not sign?


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