Gene Kelly’s Dancing

I don’t know much about dance as an art form.  Despite some effort, I still can’t get into ballet, for example.

But I love watching Gene Kelly dance.  I love how totally he controls every aspect of form and movement.  He must be aware of every muscle in his body, and his work is perfectly balanced–unlike any other dancer I can think of, his dancing is both graceful and macho.

Yes, macho, in the sense of forceful and aggressive.  But his aggression is still restrained by suave control.  But the control is so relaxed!

So Gene Kelly’s work is a mobius strip of awesomeness; the best of all worlds.  A true gentle man.

Case in point: An American in Paris is not a great movie–the plot is thin and so are the characters.  But this movie is a joy to watch because it lets Kelly’s dancing show off!

Just watch: