The Time Machine

I saw the 2002 version of The Time Machine over the weekend.  Talk about plot holes!

  • The Eloi learned English from a small collection of stone signs?  You can’t decode a foreign language from the names of stores and bridges.  How would they know the sounds, much less the grammar?
  • One of the signs uses Elizabethan verbs like “abideth,” but the Eloi don’t talk like that.  Why not, if that’s how they learned English?
  • None of the Eloi wonder about the time traveler’s skin, even though they’re all caramel-colored and he’s as white as chalk.  If anything, they should have assumed he was a Morlock.
  • After 800,000 years, the Eloi are still completely the same as humans now.  Especially considering the massive environmental disasters shown in the film between today and then, why haven’t they evolved more?  Meanwhile, some Morlocks evolved psychic powers?
  • Though not really a plot hole, I have to wonder: with all the great special effects in the film (the broken moon is awesome), why not use more of H.G. Wells’ original ending, where the time traveler goes ahead and watches the gradual death of earth as the sun goes out?  That could have been beautiful!