Bipartisan Skepticism

Our hyper-partisan society has devolved to the point where political allegiance has all the nuance and maturity of merely rooting for the home team, no matter what.  It’s a tribal, visceral instinct, driven by jingoism for whichever bandwagon we’ve decided to jump on, and rabid xenophobia towards the other guys.

Ideology is all fine and good–we need conversations about values and worldviews–but rampant partisanship isn’t.  It really produces no more good than the fanatical devotion to an arbitrary team we see in the sports world.  No, I take that back.  Devotion to a sports team is far more productive.  Teams become more competitive with support.  Political parties just get more corrupt.

I would love to see an increase in simple bipartisan skepticism: the slightly jaundiced tendency to scrutinize all politicians for hypocrisy, corruption, and ulterior motives.  A world where more of us looked at each and every leader with a furrowed brow would be much better than the one we have now, where we assume the worst about half of them and the other half get an automatic free pass.