State of the Bloggernacle

Increasingly, the “bloggernacle” looks like a place that says, “Of course the church is true!  It’s just that it will be even more true when those awful old white men finally let women use the priesthood to seal gay couples directly to Heavenly Mother in the temple.  Then God’s work will really get started!”

If Mormon liberals actually believe in separation of church and state, then why do they often seem so eager to remake the church into the same mold they love for civil government, i.e. capitulating to the whims of trendy special interests, existing in a state of perpetually rootless apology, and using its authority to promote fiscally socialistic policies for everybody else?

Why should any private institution, much less one that they say is already divinely guided by inspiration, conform to any progressive zeitgeist, much less one that only amounts to a current party platform?